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A developed and transformed society invokes the need for a change in the existing educational pattern, wherein the learner is an active participant than a passive receiver of information. 

Experts believe that our education model must metamorphose students into “thinking, caring, and active citizens with the required skills to be part of a democratic society.”

As we usher our students into a new era of empowered knowledge, it’s important that we create a platform to help them build a network of teammates who support, collaborate, and exchange ideas to achieve a superior educational experience.

Thus, we conceived Swayam - A self-learning community!

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Objectives of Swayam


  • To encourage students to link their academic work with real-life situations, seeking solutions by interacting with other students and with faculty.

  • To promote consistency in students’ performance. 

  • To build a sense of common purpose and learning objectives. 

  • To increase student retention, scholastic achievement, student involvement, and motivation, which will enhance their cognitive development.



To establish a community of independent learners and empower them to acquire skills that foster a holistic approach, guiding them to become global citizens.



To build a money-smart generation that makes thoughtful decisions and seeks valuable solutions for a financially secure future.

Offering by Swayam - FLC


Engaging and self-paced financial literacy courses. 

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Impactful community learning.

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Collaborative discussion forums.

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Enriched guidance and mentoring by industry experts.

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Live workshops and interactive training programs.

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Hands-on and easy-to-navigate toolkits.

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Access to the community till 18 years of age.

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Interesting and exciting Self-learning tools.

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Pan-India competitions like debates,

discussion panels, talk shows, and much more.

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Learning through gamification of content.

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Monthly newsletters and financial updates.

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Optimization and ease of use of resources.

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